Zora! Let The People Sing!

Good morning family. I’m happy to share with you that Zora! Let The People Sing! is now available for sale on Amazon. This project continues to be a labor of love and one of the most rewarding plays I’ve written to date. Please purchase a copy for yourself and family/friends. If you have a moment please leave your review/comment on Amazon. My goal is to see this production produced on Broadway. Imagine Queen Latifah as Zora in Zora! Let The People Sing! WOW!

Zora! Let The People Sing! is a bioplay of the life and times of Zora Neale Hurston. The play begins in her hometown of Eatonville, FL during the early 1900s. There Zora relives the determination of her mother’s refusal to raise her as a mealy-mouthed rag doll while dodging the strict hand of her Ministerial father. Using her fierce intellect Zora gains admission to Howard University where she meets Alain Locke, architect of the Harlem Renaissance. It isn’t long before her colorful stories of tall tales from home garner recognition and awards amongst the literary elite. Soon she is knee deep and belly full within the concrete jungle on a journey to literary fame. With friends such as Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Wallace Thurman, Zora instills her place as a fixture of the period. With poetry, songs, folktales, and a good old time, Zora! Let The People Sing! gives you a front seat view to a woman that’s lauded as an intellectual and spiritual foremother to a generation of African American women and writers.

Purchase your copy of Zora! Let The People Sing! here

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